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On any given day (a continuing series) …

I cannot believe that God intends for us to be so afraid of each other – especially those-ce846ccc6cef2630 who do not look like us – that we must be armed at all times. What kind of gun would Jesus carry? He wouldn’t. This kind of talk is not Jesus talk.

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On any given day …

On any given day …
The US firearm homicide rate is 20 times higher than the combined rates of 22 developed nations that are our peers in wealth and population.
There could be a school shooting. Somewhere. There have been over 100 since Sandy Hook 21/2 years ago. Continue reading

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I will make a difference …

We cannot smile and applaud them on Saturday only to go home and ignore this issue until this time next year. We cannot unhear the names of these children who have died. We cannot close our eyes without seeing these brave young people whose shaking hands held the microphone. Continue reading

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All I Really Want is …. Joy

[excerpts from a sermon preached at Disciples Christian Church on Sunday, Dec. 14 on the 2nd anniversary of the Sandy Hook shootings and the Third Sunday in Advent when we traditionally light the Joy candle.  The text is from the … Continue reading

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Every day matters to families in Ohio affected by gun violence …

Every day matters to the families of Ohio affected by gun violence. Continue reading

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He was watching his mother watching him die …

Today I will preach the Third Word at the Seven Last Words of Christ ecumenical Good Friday service in Cleveland Heights.  I appreciate the invitation each year.  This year in the wake of the Newtown Shootings and my church’s commitment … Continue reading

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