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Putting one foot in front of the other …

So, happy birthday to me. Not just older, still learning how to be better. At life. And love. And trusting that God still needs me to put one foot in front of the other and make a difference in the world. Continue reading

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Is this your neighborhood, Grandma?

I’ve chosen to focus my work on ending gun violence. There’s not a neighborhood in America that has not been affected. If you want to join me in that work, just let me know. But there are plenty of other issues affecting neighborhoods and I urge you to pick one. Expand your concept of neighborhood and get busy. Somewhere. Soon. Today. Continue reading

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Were you there?

None of us were there. We only know the ancient story from those who were. If we had been, we would not have kept his death from happening. What I trust is this. God was there. My God. Our God. Our God who knows what it’s like to lose a son. Continue reading

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So, how do you like retirement. Part Deux.

Writing about myself is a chore. I remember the first semester of seminary when I was suddenly sitting in a classroom 23 years after my undergraduate days. One of my first classes involved a weekly exercise of writing a 3-5 page paper about myself. I tired of it quickly Continue reading

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So … how do you like retirement …

Lent is a time to clean house — our spiritual houses. Lent is a time to be in touch with our relationships — especially our relationship with God. Lent is a time to check out how we’re doing with that following Jesus promise — and to make the necessary adjustments to get back to it. I’ve been leading that effort for so long that it’s been easy to put my own adjustments aside for when I have time. And a pastor never has time during Lent! This year I do. Have time, that is. Continue reading

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Wow …

Jesus’ hand on Peter’s shoulder was nothing less than God’s own touch. Wow. I have felt that hand on my shoulder every time I have opened my mouth to preach. And if my words have moved you, it’s because that same hand is touching you. It’s not because I’ve hit a home run – it’s because God has. Continue reading

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