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Guns in Churches?

As to guns being our protection:  A church looks to God as our ultimate source of protection.   As to wearing a gun in church even as we are passing the peace with others in the pews: As a follower of Jesus – as a Christian — I am called to a standard of loving my neighbor – a definition of neighbor that includes even my enemies.  It will take my lifetime to meet that standard.  If you are a Christian, you join me in that lifetime of work.  If we believe – and we legislate – that we can only safely interact with other people if we arm ourselves against them, we will never get even get close to that standard. Continue reading

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Remembering Hurricane Katrina …

I’d never been so dirty and I’ve not been that tired since. Even an air mattress with a slow
leak and the sounds of 15 people snoring throughout the church could not have kept me awake. Continue reading

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On any given day (a continuing series) …

I cannot believe that God intends for us to be so afraid of each other – especially those-ce846ccc6cef2630 who do not look like us – that we must be armed at all times. What kind of gun would Jesus carry? He wouldn’t. This kind of talk is not Jesus talk.

Continue reading

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On any given day …

On any given day …
The US firearm homicide rate is 20 times higher than the combined rates of 22 developed nations that are our peers in wealth and population.
There could be a school shooting. Somewhere. There have been over 100 since Sandy Hook 21/2 years ago. Continue reading

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Wow …

Jesus’ hand on Peter’s shoulder was nothing less than God’s own touch. Wow. I have felt that hand on my shoulder every time I have opened my mouth to preach. And if my words have moved you, it’s because that same hand is touching you. It’s not because I’ve hit a home run – it’s because God has. Continue reading

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