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Wow …

Jesus’ hand on Peter’s shoulder was nothing less than God’s own touch. Wow. I have felt that hand on my shoulder every time I have opened my mouth to preach. And if my words have moved you, it’s because that same hand is touching you. It’s not because I’ve hit a home run – it’s because God has. Continue reading

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Fearless Generosity …

(This was originally published in my church’s monthly newsletter.  It was written while we were in the midst of our annual budget drive.  The theme of the campaign was Fearless Generosity) As to being fearless, I’ll admit that I have … Continue reading

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What does it mean that we’re still here …

(This sermon was preached at Disciples Christian Church on May 25, 2014) SBNR. Anyone know what acronym stands for?  Even if you don’t know it off the top of your head, I’d almost guarantee you’ve heard it. If you’ve ever … Continue reading

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